While CIU was created out of the need for more professionalism in health care, we have observed other needs in Uganda that drive our growth strategy. Uganda has a very high Total Entrepreneurial Activity Rate of 35.5%, which indicates the percentage of its growing population that have started a business venture of some kind. The Entrepreneurial Intentions rate of 60% demonstrates an even larger appetite for entrepreneurship in the population if given the tools to do so (GEM, 2017). Whether this is driven by opportunity or necessity, it is clear from this that there is a great appetite for entrepreneurism. However many of these businesses fail or stagnate at a low level of revenue generation. There is a lack of appropriate business skills, and as employers we notice that existing business courses are not preparing individuals for the workplace.

Similarly there is often a lack of innovation in these new ventures, and a reluctance to embrace new technologies. School teachers nearly always apply didactic ‘chalk and talk’ approaches to encourage memorising of facts and coaching towards exams. We believe this to be a wrong approach, and a need for teachers to be trained to encourage inquiry based learning that equips children to become lifelong learners and engage with changing technologies.

These observations have led us to diversify our course offerings. We intend to offer courses in Business administration, IT and Teacher training, with further plans to diversify into other areas in which we feel we have expertise, and perceive a need for better education.

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