At the Centre for Executive Learning and Training, we offer short courses covering subjects like leadership through uncertainty and crisis, critical thinking, effective and inspiring communication, branding, finance, and getting things done. These are designed for managers in medium-sized businesses to large organisations, striving to move to the next life stage either through business growth or promotion to a more senior role in an organisation.

Courses are designed to give maximum learning impact within the constraints of busy working lives. They range from Half-Day seminars to Two-Day and Four-Day hotel residential programs.

Our courses are designed to be practical and experiential in nature, to develop skills and change habits to improve management effectiveness.  In terms of course facilitators,  while we draw on the faculty and content from our qualifications programs (eg Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA), we also work in partnership with senior managers from local Ugandan business organisations as well as international faculty and business managers.

At the moment, we offer a combination of Half-Day seminars and Two-Day Residential Courses on the following subjects: 

Leadership Experience - Leading through Uncertainty and Crisis

Critical Thinking and Effective Writing

Finance for non-Finance managers

Your Brand: The Seal of Trust that brings your customers… again and again

Effective Service Management

Leading Innovation and Change

Effective & Inspiring Spoken Communication

Character in Business: Working with Ethical Dilemmas

Risk Getting Things Done

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