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Earn While You Learn

When we say we will provide practical skills to our students to help them find employment, this is no empty promise. Our model means that you, our course participants, will be given the opportunity and resources to “Earn While You Learn”.

On our business and ICT courses, you will learn how to start earning to help fund your tuition, and more. From the skills that you learn on the course(s), you will be given the opportunity to apply those skills as early as possible in the course to real earning opportunities.

Clarke International University has set up an agency on an online work portal, that has been proven to generate high levels of foreign income for skilled Ugandans. Through this online agency, you can be given paid jobs to complete for actual international clients. These may start as low-paying jobs, but as the courses teach applicable skills, you can develop your profile to access better jobs. In this way, you can not only ensure learning is applicable to real work life, but you can embark on your career path while still on a program at the university.

Successful jobs will form part of course assessment and will appear on transcripts as examples of real work experience.

Typical jobs delivered online could include: data entry, data analysis & mining, data visualisation, database administration, graphic design, logo design, presentations, copywriting, creative writing, public relations, web content, website development, market & customer research, accounting, financial planning, marketing strategy, and consultancy.

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