Bachelor of Business Administration

The BBA program is designed to produce a graudate fit for purpose, who is responsive to the needs and challenges of the different sectors in the economy.

The purpose of the program is to immerse the practitioner into the reality of today's business context, learn how to adapt to a business world of growing complexity and ever-changing demands.

The program prepares graduates to ame an immediate effective contribution to businesses during and after the degree program. The program offers the development of business skills, applicable to the business context aimed at achieving social development agenda hence increase wealth and welfare.

The BBA program builds on current business school and industry best practices, and up to date technological capabilities

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand diverse cultural perspectives and apply general business knowledge in the global market
  • Identify and evaluate ethical, social, and environmental impacts in business
  • Articulate ideas persuasively and logically and collaborate with others toward a common goal
  • Utilize analytical skills to devise innovative and creative solutions to problems
  • Integrate core concepts and theories across functional areas of business
  • Students will be able to apply basic business concepts of accounting, finance, human resource management, management, marketing, supply chain management, and management information systems in evaluating business issues

Career Path

BBA provides a wide field of study in various sectors including but not limited to;
  • Sales Manager
  • Business consultant
  • Financial analyst
  • marketing research analyst
  • human resource specialist
  • loans officer
  • meeting, convention and events planner
  • training and development specialist
  • Start your own business, etc...


Choose our BBA

Experiential Skills & Character

Our approach is experiential learning with a focus on developing soft skills and character.

International Business Lecturers

A distinguishing feature of the program is faculty and guest lecturers who are business leaders with international and technology management experience, and who will work with students on real business issues.

E-Learning Blend

We work with a blend of classroom and online learning.

Sector Focused

In their second year projects, students will be expected to specialise and gain practical experience in one or more of our core industry sectors: Health, ICT, Agri-business & food processing, Tourism, and Energy & Oil



3 Years


1,600,000 UGX |
621 USD

Functional fees;
320,000 UGX |
96 USD


  • 2 Principal passes in any subject or Diploma with business experience