Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics

The Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics has three distinct options namely; Transport & Freight Logistics, Materials & Inventory Management and Procurement Management

The underlying theme of this program is applicability and experience. provide students opportunity to develop an understanding of issues that impact a broad cross-section of the industry.

This syllabus is set up to get the students to see themselves as part of a whole, as a contributing member to Uganda’s economic future. To help students become better researchers and participants in the shaping the future of the industry.

Learning Outcomes

  • Provide students with an excellent foundation to successfully take up graduate studies in Supply Chain Management related fields.
  • To produce graduates who will render expert business leadership as corporate leaders, Entrepreneurs, Economists, Government officers, Mangers of NGOs and marketers among other professionals.
  • To produce graduates who will contribute positively to national development.

Career Path

  • Logistics analyst
  • Transportation Manager
  • Procurement/Purchasing Manager
  • Supply chain manager
  • Logistics manager/ Logistician
  • Strategic Sourcing Manager


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Experiential Skills & Character

Our approach is experiential learning with a focus on developing soft skills and character.

International Business Lecturers

A distinguishing feature of the program is faculty and guest lecturers who are business leaders with international and technology management experience, and who will work with students on real business issues.

E-Learning Blend

We work with a blend of classroom and online learning.



3 Years


1,600,000 UGX |
621 USD

Functional fees;
320,000 UGX |
96 USD


  • Direct entrants with at least two principal passes [Economics and Geography] in relevant subjects obtained at one sitting from the UACE or its equivalent as per NCHE requirements.
  • Higher education certificate Diploma holders with basic experience of working in a business environment
  • Mature/ continuing students (Diploma or equivalent, 2nd class and above), who possess at least two years’ experience of working in a business environment,