Bachelor of Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management

This program has developed leading to three distinct options namely; Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management.

The course uses an “entrepretality” approach i.e. a combination of the words “entrepreneurship” and “hospitality”. Entrepretality focuses on the process of using available resources to create value to a customer rather than simply starting a new venture.

In other words, given the nature of hospitality and tourism industry, the industry should focus on creating a service-value proposition instead of focusing on new venture creation only.

It is understood that most hospitality and tourism graduates would remain employed in organizations and never become independent entrepreneurs.

The skills that they acquire will help them to act entrepreneurially within the company.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use knowledge and skills associated with problem solving, creative and critical thinking, reflection and decision making to function effectively in the classroom, community and industry.
  • Apply the concepts and skills necessary to achieve guest satisfaction.
  • Demonstrate leadership and teamwork to achieve common goals.
  • Conduct him/herself in a professional and ethical manner, and practice industry-defined work ethics.
  • Communicate effectively and confidently in the classroom, community and industry.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of multicultural perspectives to meet the needs of the guests and employees.
  • Lead with the knowledge that the foundation of tourism is based on the respect for the host culture with the responsibility to perpetuate the unique values, traditions, and practices of that place.
  • Use knowledge of best practices to further sustainability (economic, environmental, and cultural/social) in the industry.
  • Demonstrate ability to perform basic and supervisory level job functions in hotel and restaurant careers.

Career Path

  • Accommodation manager.
  • Catering manager.
  • Chef.
  • Conference centre manager.
  • Event manager.
  • Fast food restaurant manager.
  • Hotel manager.
  • Public house manager
  • Travel Agent/Attendant
  • Meeting, convention and Events Planner, etc...


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Experiential Skills & Character

Our approach is experiential learning with a focus on developing soft skills and character.

E-Learning Blend

We work with a blend of classroom and online learning.



3 Years


1,600,000 UGX |
621 USD

Functional fees;
320,000 UGX |
96 USD


  • Diploma holders with basic experience of working in a business environment.
  • Mature/ continuing students (Diploma or equivalent, 2nd class and above), who possess at least two years’ experience of working in a business environment.
  • Direct entrants with at least two principal passes in relevant subjects obtained at one sitting from the UACE or its equivalent as per NCHE requirements.