Master of Business Administration

The MBA program is an executive part-time business program that builds on current business school and industry best practices including the up-to-date technological capabilities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Produce well rounded industry led professional graduates
  • Produce graduates that are highly desired by employers and capable of picking up management roles
  • Graduates who can create relevant business solutions that meet industry challenges and demands

Career Path

Managerial roles and C-suite roles including,
  • Marketing manager
  • Medical and Health service manager
  • Management consultant
  • Financial Manager
  • Business operations manager, etc...


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Experiential Skills & Character

Our approach is experiential learning with a focus on developing soft skills and character.

International Business Lecturers

A distinguishing feature of the program is faculty and guest lecturers who are business leaders with international and technology management experience, and who will work with students on real business issues.

E-Learning Blend

We work with a blend of classroom and online learning.

Modular 2 Day Week-ends

The course is modular, which means flexibility for students in when to take the various courses that make up the program. Course modules will run over a full Friday and Saturday, once every two weeks. In between classroom sessions, students will engage online with webinars, discussion sessions and assignments.

Sector Focused

In their second year projects, students will be expected to specialise and gain practical experience in one or more of our core industry sectors: Health, ICT, Agri-business & food processing, Tourism, and Energy & Oil



2 Years


2,500,000 UGX |
853 USD

Functional fees;
320,000 UGX |
96 USD


  • A Bachelor’s degree
  • At least 3 years work experience
  • Acceptance by the University admissions committee of a fully completed MBA application form with references
  • A pass in the examination for graduate admission