Postgraduate Diploma in Health Technology Innovation Management

The post graduate diploma is bridging the gap of technology adoption in the health space by equipping the students with skills through exposure to the different modules.

The program equips students that are working in the health sector or who have interest in the same, to be able to acquire skills that enable them to be technology champions within their institutions.

It was evident that there was a need to have a program that targets persons in the health sector who are enhancing their career prospects. Understanding the application of ICT and technology generally in the health care industry has always been pertinet, and leaders in the sector are always encouraged to invest time and resources in ensuring that it works

Learning Outcomes

  • Build health leadership capacity to champion the appropriate integration and use of technology.
  • Increase understanding amongst health professionals of the profound changes that are occuring in the delivery of health services because of advances in technology
  • Enhance the uptake and effective deployment of appropriate technology in health care

Career Path

Graduates will be IT specialists within the Health and Medical fields, health-related organisation's technology infrastructure and to support the people who use it.


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Experiential Skills & Character

Our approach is experiential learning with a focus on developing soft skills and character.

E-Learning Blend

We work with a blend of classroom and online learning.

Sector Focused

In their second year projects, students will be expected to specialise and gain practical experience in one or more of our core industry sectors: Health, ICT, Agri-business & food processing, Tourism, and Energy & Oil





1,750,000 UGX |

Functional fees;
320,000 UGX |
96 USD


  • First degree (honors) in any field related to Health care (Medicine, Pharmacy, Statistics, Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer science, nursing, business administration, and Public Health) etc.
  • Working experience of a minimum two years in the health sector or related sector